“We are moving forward with the best and most innovative technology in order to be of service to our clients. ”

“Vector is a forward thinking and innovative business. We believe in the concept that we are all connected in some way and thus we have an obligation to be of service to those beyond our immediate demographic. As a service we have been a global business for over eight years; we intend to move with the technology affording our clients the best there is to offer in alternative treatment.” – Diana Brown, Technical Trainer/Customer Service Manager

Vector’s BioResonance Technology is changing the world. As a team, Vector believes in what they do and feel strongly that there are many people out there who can benefit from this growing area of functional medicine. Our family is originally from Ukraine but in 1999 we moved to the United States seeking a solid base from which to introduce our technology to the world. In 2006, we began working with the Biofeedback units from Russia and Ukraine. Patriarch and company owner Anatoliy Vykhovanets and his wife had the opportunity to experience Bioresonance first hand and since then they have been sharing their personal story with the world hoping to enhance others’ lives with this technology. They have built a global network of those who are seeking to enhance their lives with the technology of bioresonance. Today Vector is partnering with global constituents all over the world in order to make this technology available to anyone who wishes to use it. Offering competive prices along with unparalleled support the Vector team is willing and able to meeting the needs of the global community.

Vector has utilized the industrialized amenities in the United States as well as in the Ukraine to effectively bring people together who support their mission to bring better health to the people of the planet and make positive changes in the world. They do not rely on others for bringing the change but do their best to be the change they would like to see.

There are other companies that offer other units but you will not find a company as dedicated and hard working as Vector in terms of providing you with first rate support of the product. Vector is passionate about their work to bring awareness about the health of their fellow human beings. At Vector, we believe that, with motivation, innovation and a little bit of support you can lead a healthy life. We have experts in our team who welcome the suggestions of their clients as they journey into the realm of this new and exciting technology. Your suggestions help Vector improve their facilities and software while they provide incredible customer service. We offer training sessions so that you, the client, can be assured of the accuracy of the system and experience the most effective usage of the treatment. Vector provides all of this is free of charge for the lifetime of the equipment and software.

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