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    Vector Biofeedback is a global company that is geared towards helping anyone who wishes to achieve optimal health. Vector has been a leading distributor of biofeedback technology for many years and has grown with the technology. Providing competitive pricing along with the latest in biofeedback technology Vector strives to provide their customers an opportunity to seek the help they need in reaching their goals through innovative technology and unmatched customer service.

    A Global Company with a Desire to Help

    Born in the Ukraine and coming to the United States with his family as refuges in 1999, Anatoliy, his wife Yelena along with their three children; Diana, Karina and Gleb, moved to Washington. Anatoliy wanted to provide a better life for his children but he also saw an opportunity to enhance the lives of others utilizing this incredible opportunity he had been given…to come to the United States.

    Persecuted for their faith in the 1980’s Anatoliy and Yelena had experienced some tough times. They are Christians who, along with their children, found acceptance in the United States; here they were given a new start. They firmly believe in integrity, honesty and hard work. Their  business today is reflective of that. They started Vector Biofeedback as a way to give back to the global community. They believed in their device and knew that it could improve people’s lives immensely and today, as a global company, they are seeing that dream proven over and over.

    The driving reason for their commitment and development of Vector has been to help others by offering an alternative that is competitive in cost and mirrors the latest technological advances. In seeking to set an example of how he wanted his company to be the change that he wanted to see in the world Anatoliy, through Vector Biofeedback, donates 10% of all earnings to orphans in Ukraine; they also fund other non-profit organizations as well. In essence, all Vector customers, by purchasing through Vector, are helping children in Ukraine find homes and families; you are making a difference.

    Today, Anatoliy has been in business for over 30 years. He began working with Russian/Ukranian NLS systems in 2008 and continues to follow the technology today. After partnering with doctors and software developers in Russia/Ukraine, Anatoliy took on the role of director of sales worldwide. He has had the opportunity to work with more than a few different companies including DIACOM. Vector has a dedicated team of professionals who value ethical business strategies and excellence.

    Along with Anatoliy, his daughter Diana has become the lead company trainer and head of customer service. His wife Yelena is also a trainer and has had years of training with NLS systems. The teamwork of a family combined with personal care and attention to each client, Anatoliy and his family have build a trustworthy reputation with hundreds of customers worldwide. They continue to invest in distributor development and creation of business plans to further spread the benefits of Vector technology.

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