What Is Bioresonance Technology?

Bioresonance Technology

Vector NLS Bioresonance Machine

Bioresonance Technology is made up of hardware that can detect electromagnetic frequencies at the cellular and tissue level and NLS (non-linear statistic) Software for its measurement and scanning. The detector also works in an inverse mode to generate frequencies to compensate for the deficit in the diseased state.

We live in a world where we see more illness than any other time in history. Typical medical science has come a long way in helping those who deal with illness on both short and long terms, but we are still lacking in prevention and gentle healing (non-invasive and non-chemical)  of a wide variety of illnesses. The answer to filling this need for optimal health may just be Bioresonance Technology.

BioResonance is a simple concept. It is the resonance effect occurring in a biological organism. These organisms can include pathogens such as parasites or viruses or human organs such as the heart, lungs, and liver. Resonance is the forced vibration of an object when exposed to waves that match the object’s natural oscillating frequency which is the rate at which an object will oscillate or vibrate in the absence of an imposing force.

All human organs have their own natural frequency. Bioresonance is effective in exposing the target site to electromagnetic waves that match its natural oscillating frequency. When the energy produced by the electromagnetic waves is strong enough the end result is a healthier target site.

When the body gets sick the natural frequency of the organ or organ system affected drops but when the organ or organ system is exposed to bio-resonance its frequency begins to revert back up to its original frequency thus healing the organ or organ system.

BioResonance Technology offers a chance to heal the body without drugs and without medical manipulation saving you both time and money.

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