Vector was developed in 2013 as an update to an existing Oberon device. Originally Vector was a software only, designed to work with Oberon systems as an update. After a year or so, some of our users were asking questions about the two names (Vector and Oberon) and asked for the software to be accompanied by a hardware box with the same name. After some consideration, we decided to manufacture

Back Pain? You Probably Worry about Taking Opioids and Only Get Moderate Relief from Them Posted on October 27, 2016 in a national pain report   New research presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY 2016 annual meeting suggests that the millions of people who take opioids for chronic back pain get moderate pain relief and they worry about the stigma associated with taking them. “Patients are increasingly aware that opioids are problematic, but

The Original Bioresonance Therapy Biofeedback Machine Welcome to the blog of Vector NLS, one of the original Bioresonance Therapy Biofeedback Machines that has provided relief to a large number of people seeking nontraditional, noninvasive and non-chemical therapy all over the world. The Bioresonance devices designed, manufactured, sold and supported by Vector NLS are the original and authentic Vector Biofeedback machines and  not to be confused with cheap clones sold over

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