1. Shipping price
While shipping prices may vary, on average for countries outside of United States shipping is $100 USD. Shipping within the United States is free.

2. Shipping companies and time
Shipping outside of the United States is done through DHL or FedEx and shipping time is between 1-3 days.

3. Return Policy
-All sales are final.
Payment must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

4. Payment options
United States: Credit Cards accepted (with additional 3% fee) direct deposit, wire transfer, money orders and checks are also accepted.
International sales: Wire transfer and PayPal with additional fee.

5. Software Customizing and Translations
-When someone purchases the unit, software may have features clients do not want. The first week after the unit is received we ask you to communicate with us; this is the time to customize the software for each client. Translations, features and training will all be worked out within that first week after purchase.
-We have over 60 translations within the software and ask that if a specific translation is requested, we have a session together to customize the software for those translations.

6. Training
-Training is offered free and on an ongoing basis. The client must schedule training 2 days in advance and by appointment only. Training normally is done by one hour increments in order to allow clients some time to practice what is learned during the training session before moving on to other features.
-If training is preferred to be done more than an hour at a time, that is available upon request.
-Personal training is available with the following cost.
-Training in the Seattle area is available at $750 per 3 days of training. An exam will be required and those who complete the training will receive a Training Certificate.
-Training on location is available with travel expenses as well as a $500 fee for 3 days. Exam will be required and those who compete the training will receive a Training Certificate.

7. Customer Service
Customer service is available within 24 hours of a request. We ask that the client communicates with Vector if something is needed or if there are any problems. Communication is key when services are needed. We will assume everything is fine if we don’t hear from you.

8. Software updates and support
-Software updates are free and always available.
-Software updates are, however, OPTIONAL and are not sent out to all clients unless requested.
-It is the client’s responsibility to ask for software updates and check in with us periodically for software updates (every 6 months or so)
-If software needs maintenance or special support please schedule a time with us to view and make changes to the software as needed.
-Software related help is available within 24 hours by request and appointment.

9. Warranty
-We offer a 3 year warranty on the Vector system. The warranty does not cover damage to the unit from water, or physical damage.
-Warranty does not include the headset. Additional headsets are available for purchase.

10. Distributor opportunity
-General distributors: These are distributors without exclusive rights. -Anyone who is interested in being a general distributor must purchase a unit and go through training. If there is not an exclusive distributor in a given country, anyone may become a general distributor and sell units there.
-Distributors must be responsible for receiving payment from clients and delivering units.
-Exclusive Distributors: Exclusive distributors are the only authorized distributors within the country. These distributors have a contract and must meet a sales quota monthly in order to keep exclusivity in the country. A 6-month period is available for going through the process upon which purchase of 3 or more units is required.

11. Referral Fee: If you own a Vector system and share it with your friends you may receive referral fee if they purchase a unit.

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